Enough dead stock. Ydistri has raised over 60 million to solve it


Tons of unnecessarily ordered goods often end up in the riser. Czech startup Ydistri offered a solution and raised 60 million from investors.

Roland Džogan (in the opening photo on the right) and Lukáš Eštvanc founded Ydistri last year . It calculates how companies can distribute goods across stores to avoid dead stock. This is because retailers often don't know what to do with them and dispose of them, which is a big waste. Ydistri can reduce the volume of unsaleable stock by up to half. Right from the start, it received significant help from investors worth a total of CZK 63 million, which gave the startup a kick-start and it is already working with seven international retailers. "We know how to pair the right stores and select only the combinations of stores and products that will bring profit, " says CEO Džogan.