The Problem

Underperforming retail stock is a persistent issue in retail chains due to various compromises like minimal order quantities (MOQs), forecast inaccuracies, unpredictable events, and more.

Traditional solutions often resort to drastic discounts up to 70%, leading to massive profit losses.


The YDISTRI Solution

Instead of heavily discounting, redistribute unsold inventory to stores within the same retail chain where demand exists.

Handling and logistics costs are only 2%-3%, offering huge savings compared to the usual up to 70% discounts.

Strategic Collaborations

Partnered with industry leaders SAP and Microsoft. We are incorporated into their app stores. Building relationships with global giants like Deloitte, Accenture, and Schenker to explore synergies.

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Our SaaS Y′platform brings advanced level of inventory optimization to retail chains, beyond the capability of existing replenishment systems.