YDISTRI ft. Douglas Case Study

Redistribution improved turnover of relocated goods more than 4 times.

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Discover how YDISTRI boosted Douglas' inventory turnover and customer satisfaction:

  • 90% of transferred products, that had no sales transactions in the last 6+ months, were sold within three months.
  • 75% of dead stock eliminated while decreasing out-of-stock situations, reducing sell-out discounts and increasing profit margins.
  • 12% decrease of working capital requirements while maintaining the same availability of products.

What else is in the Case Study?

  • What problems can overstock cause
  • How to adapt to shifts in demand while keeping the customer happy
  • Why you should utilize de-listed stock
  • Why maintaining minimum inventory levels matters
  • How to address out-of-stock situations
  • How to balance inventory levels and boost sales at the same time

Download the case study



Download Case Study

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