Companies get rid of new goods. Better to scrap than sell below cost


Every company with large inventory has to often deal with surplus stock that is no longer interesting to the customer. This stock is a bottleneck and takes up space in warehouses or stores. In addition, retail chains do not want to sell goods below cost so they dispose of them. The solution may be to use tools that help them to reduce unnecessary waste and dead stock very significantly.

Amazon is not the only case that deals with goods in this way. Big fashion brands also dispose of clothes that have become unsaleable over time rather than sell them below cost. This is also confirmed by Roland Džogan, co-founder and CEO of Ydistri.

"The iTV news server's discovery of Amazon's disposal of millions of unsold goods has understandably provoked a horrified reaction, but it is important to remember that as alarming as the matter is, Amazon is just the tip of the iceberg on this issue. After all, e-commerce still only accounts for around a fifth of the retail market, and the situation is significantly worse in traditional bricks-and-mortar retail for a number of reasons."