Meet us at NRF 2024 Retail’s Big Show in January


Described by the NRF as “retail’s most important event”, it will bring together all the people and companies redefining the retail industry. Besides educational programs, this year also features the Startup zone, where you’ll be the first to hear about the breakthrough technology and radical thinking that everyone will be talking about tomorrow. And that's exactly where you can find us.

Core Topics to Explore

  • Customer Engagement
  • Data & AI
  • Robotics & Automation


Our Mission: Optimizing sales of underperforming retail stock for efficiency and sustainability. Committed to fostering a more efficient, sustainable future in retail.

Solving the Biggest Retail Challenge: Addressing the ongoing issue of underperforming retail stock, exacerbated by factors like minimum order quantities, forecast errors, and unexpected events. Traditional methods often resort to deep discounts up to 70%, leading to substantial profit loss.

Our Approach: Redistribute unsold inventory to stores within the same retail chain where there’s demand, thereby avoiding significant discounts. This strategy markedly lowers handling and logistics costs to just 2%-3%, offering substantial savings over the usual 70% discount.

What to Expect

Insightful discussions with experts from Microsoft for Startups’ Pegasus portfolio. Networking opportunities with Microsoft, YDISTRI, and leading retailers.

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