Dead stock will be erased from the dictionary by startup Ydistri


Startup Ydistri is developing a system to redistribute so-called "dead stock". Every chain has the problem of having some items lying uselessly in stock while others are unavailable. Ydistri's technology focuses on solving this pervasive problem in the form of dead stock redistribution.

The idea behind Ydistri is based on the assumption that most existing dead stock in stores (source store) has a high probability of being successfully sold at full price without discounting if the retailer moves it to another suitable store within the network (target store), either because it sells better there due to socio-demographic differences or because somewhere the chain has too much stock and somewhere else it is running out, so the branch would have to order from a supplier. Why buy more stock when you can sell the stock that is already there and is taking up space in the warehouse unnecessarily? The solution is redistribution, all directly between the target stores, without burdening the central warehouse.

Ydistri has already successfully piloted its technology in a number of multinational chains around the world. It has also attracted interest from the largest US retailers, while attracting investment from big names including Swiss holding company Falco Capital, headed by the former president of General Electric.