Supply chain recovered from Covid, yet previous issues are coming back


The supply chain recovered from Covid, yet the previous problems are coming back. The outcomes are amplified by tight budgets, high interest rates and raising electricity prices.

After two years of the pandemic, when the market was struggling with delivery shortages and supply uncertainty, the situation is slowly getting back to normal. The supply chain no longer deals with outages and customers don’t need to wait for months. But the old problems are coming back. Merchants have to again face warehouses and shelves overstocked with ostensibly unsellable goods. That often leads to huge sales and problems with cashflow. However, targeted management of inventory with the usage of smart technologies seems to be one way how to loosen the tight budgets caused by crisis.

The problem of deadstock and wrong allocation have been on the table since forever. With the economic situation getting worse, it’s becoming a more obvious issue. The merchants know that savings, that can be brought by working smarter with inventory and selling goods for their full price, can be that differential element that determines whether they pass the crisis or not.

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