YDISTRI voted as TOP Logistics service of 2021


As a part of the conference of Ekonom magazine, titled "New Deal for the Czechs," which took place on May 10th, was the awards presenting to the winners in all categories of the Impuls Logistika competition for the past two years.

The conference focused on the current challenges the Czech economy is facing and the issues of sustainability and ESG reporting. The final session was dedicated to the revitalization of logistic chains and the transformation of the automotive industry.

At the end of the conference it was time to present the awards of the annual Impuls by Logistika (magazine Ekonom) competition. The competition has 5 categories, one of them being the TOP Logistics Service, in which  YDISTRI won for the year 2021. It is judged by the innovativeness and competitiveness of the service, the benefits it brings, and the return of investment.


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